Thursday, July 8, 2010


I love that show! 
Most importantly- please wear comfortable shoes! There is about a 1/2mi walk to the lighthouse. The trail is mostly dirt and there's a steep hill. We will have a shuttle from the ceremony to reception- so if you would like to bring a pair of shoes to change into for the reception, they can be left there during the lighthouse bit. Please do not wear high heels. You will have a very difficult time getting to and from the lighthouse. No Heels! Men- you may not want to wear dress shoes with slick bottoms. Casual is perfectly acceptable!

The sun will still be up during the ceremony, but the weather will be in the mid 60's. Probably windy. Think wraps, jackets, etc. Layers!
Heat lamps should be keeping away the chill during dinner. 

Please feel free to be as casual or formal as you'd like. We just want everyone to be comfortable!
I'm happy to play "Stacy and Clinton" and critique your choices if you do have questions!
Additional Note: Paul, Dee, and I visited the lighthouse over the weekend and was very windy! Ladies may want to wear their hair up or bring a hair tie!