Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Inverse Proportions

A wise yelper said....."The views at restaurants in Sausalito are inversely proportionate to the quality of food."

We basically have the restaurant for the rehearsal dinner picked out because it has 5 stars out of 225 reviews (out of the world) on Yelp, but is it anywhere close to the water? No. It's right off the highway. 

The Spinnaker has undoubtedly one of the best views of any restaurant, Sausalito or otherwise. When we told the host we were looking for a reception venue, he sat us directly in front of the San Francisco skyline. We got to watch the sun set. Amazing. 
The food however, amazingly bad. The goal for the reception is to avoid "wedding food," and here we were, just the two of us, getting served just that! 
We should have known by the doughy calamari (we are testing out each restaurants' Calamari) to pick up and go. 
My $22 seafood platter consisted of one kabob, with one scallop, a bit of salmon, a bit of halibut, and two shrimp. The vegetables were vertically chopped so it was impossible to tell what you were eating. 
Paul's Seafood Bouillabaisse was equally terrible! 

And the decor was something out of the early 80's. If you lived in Florida. 

And so the hunt continues..... 
View of Spinnaker. Beautiful but not very tasty. 

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